Learning by Locals

Core Team

Pradeep Kumar​

Pradeep kumar is the person behind the vision of providing quality education to the students of the Sanjay colony. He himself suffered from the lack of qualitative education, after graduating from 12th grade, he did not know how to speak in English and faced difficulty while presenting himself in front of a group of people. So, he joined an NGO called Manzil, with the help of Manzil, he learned English and went on to work in the tourism industry. He also got the opportunity to study in the United States through the Community College Initiative Program scholarship, funded by the U.S Department of State. With all his learning, he aspires to help others, and the result is Learning by Locals. Pradeep is co- ounder and president.

Lalit Saini​

Lalit is Co-founder of Learning by Locals. Lalit currently runs his own film production company called “Filmart.” And got the scholarship to study in United States through the Community College Initiative Program, funded by the U.S Department of State. Lalit supports Learning by Locals with account and problem solving. He provides the values to the team and the right path to move forward.

Alka Sharma

Alka Sharma is our board memmber and event coordinator. She has been with us from the starting of LBL. She works with the teammates and help to provide effective coordination. She has lived in the location where LBL is located and knows the needs amongst the youngsters of the community. She got the opportunity to study in United states for a year through the Community College Initiative Program scholarship, funded by the U.S Department of State. As she is the youngest, she involves with the students.

Deepak Ram

Deepak is team member and computer incharge. He also coordinate and plans events at Learning by Locals. He is an adventurous and likes to work with young generation. He joined LBL in 2019, as it a recent addition to the family he has been a great support.

Biswajit Dutta

Biswajit is our board member and a big help from starting.


Ravi Gulati

Ravi bhaiya is our mentor and co-founder of Manzil welfare socity.

Ronita Choudhuri

Ronita is our adisor and multitelented. She is a professior and an entrepreneur.

Sanjeev Nangia

Sanjeev bhaiya is our advisor and mentor and role model of many students. He helps many people.  He also teaches English at Learning by Locals. His classes are motivational and full of learnings. By profession he is an engineer and owns some companies


Mike supports Learning by Locals before it started. Name Learning by Locals was given by Mike. He an advatureus and an entrepreneur. He supports many non profits. He also love teaching.



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